Target audience is no longer an age, gender or sex


FoxAIE is an AI startup, offering digital marketing solutions to enterprises backed with data analytics and artificial intelligence. We empower brands to micro target relevant customers and personalise their cin real time enabling them to drive effective and result oriented digital campaigns.


Founded by a team of professionals with 30+ years of combined industry experience in

Technology, Analytics, Digital Marketing and Social Media. 


FoxAIE has been envisioned to solve the biggest puzzle that marketing & sales teams have today –

  • Audience Relevance 

  • Personalisation

  • Effective & Timely Outreach

  • Effective Measurement


FoxAIE Audience

Get the pulse of what consumers are looking for and market your brand to a highly targeted audience than shooting it in the dark.  Design marketing campaigns that are backed with AI-powered consumer and competition insights obtained from web & mobile.


  • Consumer Insights

  • Market Trends & Competition Landscape

FoxAIE Engage

Build digital campaigns that can not only effectively engage consumers, but also help you learn what’s working and what’s not in real time. Gather purchase intent & target customers with lucrative offers & marketing communication that can convert their intent into action, drive brand awareness and sales for the company.​

  • Digital Campaigns

  • Chatbots

  • ORM

  • Social Media

  • Content Marketing

  • Native / Hybrid Mobile Apps

  • Process Automation

FoxAIE Measure

Analyze how your campaigns are performing, predict future performance and optimise your strategy to achieve your marketing goals

  • Campaign Automation

  • Campaign Prediction

FoxAIE Hire

Replace your traditional recruitment processes with an automated and intelligent solution that helps accelerate your hiring process, save costs, time and increases accuracy ​

  • Profile Identification 

  • Evaluation 

  • Shortlist & hire

Leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning & and data analytics 


BFSI - Lead generation using AI

A leading BFSI company in India was looking to market their mutual fund products to customers pan India.


Electronics - Personalised Offers using AI

One of the leading smartphone brands was launching their flagship phone priced at around 45,000.




Turn business challenges into opportunities for Marketing, Sales and HR departments with effective, real time and measurable solutions. 


Songita Banerjee

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Sunil Verma


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Akram Shamoon

Vice President, Strategy & Sales

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