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4 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence for Lead Generation, Qualification, and Conversion

Google, Amazon and Netflix are just some of the biggest names making the most of AI but the extent of AI is far more from them. Although the scope of AI is so varied that it becomes challenging for marketers to decide where to go and how to start. Read below to understand how AI is data hungry and the best place to start is by feeding it with lead generation and sales. Article by marketinginstitute.com

Marketers hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) these days. But how do you actually start using it? One big use case is lead generation and qualification. After all, the best AI systems excel at surfacing insights from large datasets.

Some AI can use your marketing data to tell you more about your prospects and customers. Others use that data to find new prospects or recommend existing leads to pursue.

In this post, we look at some useful AI marketing tools designed to find you more and better leads. We've organized the post by use cases, with individual tools described and linked.

1. Better Understand Leads

Some AI systems are better than humans at processing data. It's prohibitively expensive or time-consuming for humans to manually analyze huge datasets. Even if humans could sift through all that data, they might miss important insights.

One AI system that helps marketers understand leads better is Netra. Netra analyzes visual content from social media platforms to better understand consumer interests. The system looks at billions of photos from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It can identify logos, objects, and demographic interests based on these photos.

For example, Netra can analyze a brand's Instagram followers to learn more about them. This might include information on other brands they like or what they post about most often. What results is a clear picture of audience preferences and interests.

CaliberMind takes a different approach. It uses AI to analyze human language from CRM, marketing automation, and social media. The system compiles a clear picture of buyer personas using this information. It also recommends types of communication more likely to close deals.

2. Find New Leads

Other AI systems find new leads for you based on data you already have.

Node uses artificial intelligence to discover and recommend new potential customers. It "mines the connections between people, companies, products, and places on the web," says CEO Falon Fatemi. That information helps the system determine which individuals might become customers. The system also gets smarter as it goes.

Siftrock integrates with your marketing automation software to find new leads. The solution can "surface new sales leads from out of office replies, find replacement contacts when people change jobs, and mine email signatures for new phone numbers," says CEO Adam Schoenfeld.

Another AI lead generation tool is hiding in plain sight as part of one of the world’s biggest social networks. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool finds the right leads on LinkedIn and helps you engage with them. The system uses algorithms to tailor lead recommendations to your unique profile.

3. Convert Leads to Sales

A lot of marketers also want to get more out of the leads they already have.

eRelevance Corporation uses intelligent automation and predictive data to generate more repeat business. It targets existing customers with high-conversion campaigns that scale. In fact, the solution's customers see an average ROI of 5X.

OneSpot takes a comprehensive approach to lead conversion. Its AI-powered system personalizes on-site content to maximize visitor engagement. Then, it attracts new users to that content and re-targets those who visit. Increased engagement leads to higher conversion rates and sales. Leads who consume more content are more likely to buy from OneSpot's customers.

4. Build a More Qualified Pipeline

Getting more leads and getting them faster is all well and good. But AI can actually help companies improve the quality of that pipeline. 

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