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5 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales with AI

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Artificial intelligence is no buzzword anymore unless you have been burrowed deep underground for the last couple of years. From the growing number of self-checkout cash registers to advanced security checks at the airport; artificial intelligence is everywhere. But how can we use artificial intelligence in eCommerce? In this article, you will learn 5 Sure shot ways to fire up your eCommerce sales.

1) Create customer-centric search:

Irrelevancy is the factor which turns off the eCommerce visitors. They often abandon e-commerce experiences because the product results displayed are often irrelevant.

Shoppers are rapidly waving goodbye to impulse control as new software platforms that drive e-commerce websites create innovative visual search capabilities. As well as finding matching products, AI is enabling shoppers to discover complimentary products whether it is size, colour, shape, fabric or even brand.

By the process of image classification and product tagging, we can use Artificial intelligence to make sure that search results are accurate. And with AI, the images themselves are a data source that allows to precisely identify certain attributes of products, which then leads to better search results.

2) Create a more efficient sales process

Gone are the days of old sales techniques such as picking up the trusty Yellow Pages and pestering potential clients through cold-calling. Customer’s lives are now heavily influenced by a variety of different media from TV adverts to social media.

Integrating AI into your CRM is the best option when you want to tailor your problem-solving solutions and create a strong sales message that reaches consumers at the right time on the right platform.

3) Improve recommendations for customers

To offer relevant and helpful recommendations to individual consumers, the brands can more intelligently and efficiently scan through petabytes of data to predict customer behaviour. This level of intelligence is important in delivering a personalized shopping experience for the consumer.

4) Inventory Management

AI’s predictive analytics are making big shifts in the world of inventory management. Managing the inventory can be a nightmare — with the constant pain of keeping inventory up to date, shelves stocked and keeping an accurate track of everything.

AI technology allows shop owners to get important information about factors driving demand and predictive analysis for what future demands are likely to come into the market. Based on how machine learning works, the longer you use your AI buddy, the smarter it will become for your business as it learns more about your company, customers, and visitors.

5) Filtering fake reviews

Underestimating the power of reviews can be destructible for the eCommerce business. 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, while 86% say that their decisions are influenced by negative reviews. Unfortunately, not all reviews are real: some can be posted by competitors, haters, or even bots. How can you solve this problem and avoid losing customers due to fake reviews? Amazon uses artificial intelligence to fight such reviews. The system boosts the weight of verified users’ reviews, those marked as helpful by other customers, and more up-to-date reviews.

To sum up, We’ve gone a long way without AI, so why would it be important now? There are numerous numbers proving that AI-driven solutions help businesses increase conversions, retain customers, augment customer satisfaction. Why is artificial intelligence so good? Because it’s just brutally honest. It analyzes data and delivers results to show you actual numbers and facts about your company. And that’s exactly what business needs.

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