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How Customer Support and ORM will transform with AI in 2019

One of the biggest challenges that large and small organizations face is creating rewarding and meaningful experiences for customers. We are not talking about after-sale services here. Customer experience has evolved to include how they interact with organizations digitally on social media platforms. It has largely been a boon for organizations, this ability to cut through the noise and talk to their customers directly.

But it also comes with its own share of problems.

When organizations fail to respond to customers in real-time online, it leads to online backlash. A simple delay in issue resolution and customers take organizations to task on social media. This not only generates poor publicity but also to poor customer experience, ultimately leading to a loss of customers.

Businesses lose $62 billion annually due to poor customers experience and service.

Businesses the world over are now turning to Artificial Intelligence to power their customer interactions and eliminate customer pain points, leading to better customer experience.

With AI, you can answer customers’ questions faster and more accurately. By creating an AI-powered virtual assistant you can respond to customers directly in real time and collect meaningful, insightful and actionable data on your customers at the same time.

Watch this video to know more.

The time to embrace AI is now.

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