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How do machine learning algorithms differ from traditional algorithms?

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

A topic with growing interest is how machine learning is like and unlike traditional software engineering. In this article by Searchcio.Techtarget, you will get a simplified breakdown of how the two are similar yet their functionality is very different-

Here's our latest pick. An insightful interview conducted by Nicole Laskowski Senior News Writer at TechTarget. The interview features perspectives from Nisha Talagala, CTO and vice president of engineering at ParallelM Inc. that addresses the need to understand the difference between machine learning algorithms and traditional software engineering algorithms.

Here's an excerpt from the article.

How is machine learning like and unlike software engineering? It's a question that seems to be growing in popularity these days.

Perhaps that's because the bones of machine learning algorithms and traditional algorithms are the same -- they're both code. That's one of the points Nisha Talagala made when we posed the question to her. Talagala is the CTO and vice president of engineering at ParallelM Inc., a software startup that builds enterprise software for operationalizing machine learning and data science. Prior to joining ParallelM, she was a fellow at SanDisk, a flash memory product manufacturer; a fellow at Fusion-io, a flash memory technology company; and a technology lead for server flash at Intel. She holds more than four dozen patents.

You can read the full article here

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