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How to get the Perfect start in AI & ML as Newbie?? Learn the Art in just 5 mins!

A baby learns to crawl, walk and then run. When it comes to AI, we are at the crawling stage. We are entering a new world, where the technologies of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language understanding are reaching a nexus of capability. The end result is that we’ll soon have artificially intelligent assistants to help us in every aspect of our lives. Article by becominghuman.ai

Artificial intelligence is one of the hot buzzwords right now and has been experiencing its expansion and popularity in recent years. But there is a lack of skilled Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning professionals in the market and It is a great time to kick-start your career in AI/machine learning field. And for that, your basics of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning should be clear.

Future of Artificial Intelligence-

It’s fact that artificial intelligence is reached in our day-to-day life. According to the survey results:

Machines are predicted to be better than humans in translating languages;Running a truck;Working in the retail sector, and can completely outperform humans by 2060.

As a result, MI researchers believed that AI will become better than humans in the next 40-year time frame.

How to get Start-

Computers are smart but they still can’t learn on their own and AI/ML is all about programming. First step is you must know what programming skill is required. The Programming languages mentioned below are making a significant impact in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning-

R programming: With the growth of data science, machine learning, and AI we have dramatically risen the popularity of R it’s becoming a perfect choice for AI/ML. R is one of the programming languages that provide an intensive environment for you to analyze, process, transform and visualize information.

Python: Python is considered to be in the first place in the list of all AI/MI development languages. But what makes python so popular? The simplicity and the code-readability observed by Python makes it a popular choice for AI/ML. If you haven’t yet started with Python, I suggest you go ahead with An Introduction to Python.

AIML: Aiml stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language developed by the Alicebot free software community during 1995–2000. AIML makes it possible to create human interfaces while keeping the implementation simple to program, easy to understand and highly maintainable.

Java: Java is a programming language that has touched many segments of the IT industry, including AI and machine learning. Java is considered a good choice for AI and machine learning development. Java provides many benefits like easy use, debugging ease, package services, simplified work with large-scale projects, graphical representation of data and better user interaction.

JavaScript: It is necessary to have good knowledge of javascript for AI/ML. JavaScript is a popular language for making online programs and interactive web applications. As well as you can find many libraries to perform AI/ML learning task like, ConventJS for Deep Learning implementation, Synaptic for developing and training neural networks.

The programming languages that we have revealed above had survived the test of time. These languages are in use for numerous types of projects for decades. So without wasting another second you should start your AI career because “The world’s first trillionaire is going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives”

Applications of Artificial Intelligence-

Virtual Personal Assistants- Basically, this is one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence, in which we have to collect a huge amount of data. That is collected from a variety of sources to learn about users. Also, one needs to be more effective in helping them organize and track their information.Smart Cars- That are featured Google’s self-driving car project and Tesla’s “autopilot”. Also. the artificial intelligence is been used since the invention of the first video game.Fraud Detection- We use AI to detects fraud. As many frauds always happen in banks. AI is often the technology deployed to monitor for this type of frauds.Online Customer Support- As artificial intelligence plays an important role in online customer support. As many websites have an option of live chat for their customers.

Jobs in Artificial Intelligence-

- Computational philosopher: To ensure human-aligned ethics are embedded in AI algorithms.

- Robot personality designer

-Robot obedience trainer

- Autonomous vehicle infrastructure designer: New road and traffic signs to be read by computer.

- Algorithm trainers include the growing army of so-called “click workers” . That, help algorithms learn to recognize images or analyze sentiment, for instance.

Artificial Intelligence Books-

This is the list of top recommended Artificial Intelligence book by AI experts

1. Artificial Intelligence — A Modern Approach (3rd edition)

2. Artificial Intelligence For Humans-

3. Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming-

4. The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Human Mind


The beautiful thing about this field is we have access to some of the best technologies in the world, all we’ve got to do is learn how to use them. You can start with learning python, studying calculus and statistics, and earning about the philosophy of decision making. Machine learning and AI fascinates me because of this intersection of fields the more to learn the more you earn.

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