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Micro Target, Personalise and Convert Leads Into Sales

Are you immersed into the marketing world?

Spending loads but still finding it difficult to drive quality leads through your digital campaigns?

Over the last decade, Marketing has been at the epicentre of change, going through the digital transformation phase. Yet 65% of businesses feel that the biggest challenge they still face is generating traffic and leads (Hubspot). With a growing number of tools and tech across various platforms and devices, the nature of facing this challenge has changed as they bring in additional touch points between consumers and brands, providing ample opportunities to generate traffic, engagement, quality leads and ROI. Concepts like Big Data, Predictive Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Microtargeting have become buzzwords. 

According to Raab Associates, 2015 was the year when predictive analytics in the marketing sector took off, with at least $242 million in new funding for startups that pioneer this technology. 

But what do they actually do? 

Understanding customer behaviour, predicting their future needs derived through data, strengthening customer relationships, remaining competitive and improving employee productivity are all key benefits of using these concepts. Power of AI, machine learning and analytics, along with an effective marketing strategy are here to bring automation into the marketing domain. According to the Capgemini Consulting report, more than 75% of companies boosted sales by more than 10% by implementing these methods in their marketing strategies. This is a type of an extremely targeted approach, developed over the last decade and is expected to grow ten folds over the next few years.

While most of the big corporations are already benefiting from it, other small and medium firms are extensively exploring this path to make the most of this great power in the marketing world.

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