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Transforming Recruitment Techniques in 2019

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Have you ever faced the challenge of finding the right candidate for an opening?

Do you feel this process could get more efficient and easier?

Times are changing and we are already living in the technology age. Through the advancement of technologies like AI and Machine learning, processes of recruitment and HR are also going through a major transformative phase where technology is also making their work more efficient, easier and quicker. 

As per a survey 90% of the recruiting agents believe that AI can greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention. On an average 14 hours in a week are lost to manually completing tasks. With the help of AI integration, you can cut down on many lengthy processes and streamline the entire process. With the number of applicants on the increase, its nearly close to impossible to manually screen each and every candidate and find the right pick. Through the assimilation AI, recruitment is on its way to enter the next generation of improved and enhanced HR experience.

But how does it work?

AI streamlines the recruitment process by automating high volumes of time consuming and mundane tasks such as candidate sourcing, screening and scheduling the interview. According to a Korn Ferry Global survey, of the nearly 800 HR professionals surveyed, 63% said that AI has already changed the way recruiting is done today. With the help of AI integration, a large part workforce will get the time in hand to work things more efficiently, saving million of dollars spent each year in this industry.

Not only this, using the power of these tools of collecting and analysing vast data volumes at faster and cost-optimized rates, HR teams are looking at taking key metrics a step further in processes such as new hires performance trends and turnover numbers.

Understanding the intricate and dynamic landscape, AI is here to change how recruiters operate and manage the entire hiring framework.

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